How to Decorate a Room With Blue Walls [5 Actionable Suggestions]

s How do you decorate a room with blue walls? The home or apartment you’ve just moved into has a gorgeous shade of blue on the walls, and you love it. You want to keep the color but want to make sure you decorate to take advantage of the shade. Are there any must-dos or must-haves for a room with blue walls? We researched this topic to come up with a list of ideas to help you with your decorating dilemma!

Here are a few ideas of approaches you can take:

  • Add a pop of contrasting color.
  • Use white accents
  • Mix with greys
  • Make it whimsical
  • Make it light and airy.

So let’s look at some photos and explain each of these ideas more in-depth.

Trendy blue and white living room interior design, How to Decorate a Room With Blue Walls [5 Actionable Suggestions]

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Ideas For Decorating A Room With Blue Walls

Add A Pop Of A Contrasting Color

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Okay, so technically orange is the contrasting color to blue; however, this mustard yellow is in the same family tone and looks fantastic with this vibrant, dark teal paint color. In this room, both the casual chair and the coordinating lamp utilize the mustard color. When mixed with natural-toned furniture, this blue room is stunning.

This accent chair in rich mustard yellow looks super with a dark blue paint color. Vintage styling and a smaller outline work great in a smaller space or apartment situation.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Use White Accents

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Blue and white go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no wonder this color combination shows up in so many home designs. White works with any color blue: from a hint of aqua to a classic Wedgewood to the deepest navy. In this gorgeous room, perfect blue pairs with ivory upholstered furniture and a rug, curtains, and wall art that carry out the blue and white theme.

This blue and white distressed pattern area rug looks gorgeous, with many different shades of blue walls. It also pairs beautifully with light, neutral-toned furniture pieces.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Mix With Greys

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Perhaps you love blue but don’t want an entire wall of it, then consider adding some grey to the room. Grey and blue are another combination that you can’t go wrong with. Here a teal blue wall is mixed with medium grey paint and grey furnishings. A blue rug and a framed picture wall round out the look. 

A serving hutch like this would look fabulous against a blue wall. This one is from Ashley Furnishings.

It can be seen here at Amazon.

Make It Whimsical

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If you love color, why not let the blue walls be the base for even more color? In this room, the upright piano is a vibrant pink that stands out against the wall color. It’s fun and whimsical and allows tone to play with exciting wall decor and accessories. Along with the pink piano, the homeowner has brought in splashes of yellow and a brilliant red piano bench.

These fabric bench covers come in a whole range of colors and allow you to switch out the shade you want without having to pay for upholstery.

Click here to see these on Amazon.

Make It Light And Airy

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Soft blues remind us of the sky, and this bedroom takes total advantage of that association. Here a lovely light blue has been applied to the walls and highlights in aqua and other pale blue tones, as well as a green house plant, create a space that is one hundred percent relaxing. We particularly love the glass orb chandelier with blue flowers and the soft blue painted side table. The bedding also plays on the color scheme.

This orb chandelier is a part star, part dandelion, and all beautiful. It is perfect for a dreamscape bedroom like the one featured above. Click here for this light on Amazon.

What Colors Go Well With Blue Walls?

Without a doubt, white and grey are the colors that first come to mind when we think of blue walls. But don’t discount other colors. Pink, for instance, can be lovely with blue walls like this room with a soft pink sofa against a deep blue wall.

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Natural wood tones also look lovely with blue walls of all shades. Probably because blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, and we think of where land meets the sea or tree meeting sky. So the combination is perfect.

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Blue and green are neighbors on the color spectrum and quintessential colors of the outdoors, so it makes sense that they work well together in a room. Here we see blue painted walls and fabulous green bedding. The green and white upholstered headboard and strategically placed houseplants finish out the look. 

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What Is A Good Accent Color For Blue? 

Maybe you love the idea of a blue room, but also would like an accent wall. What are some of the best colors for an accent wall in a blue-painted room? 

Think of the same colors that you would use when matching furnishings: white, greys, pinks, yellows, and natural tones.

Here, the homeowner has built an incredible accent wall out of wood.

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Grey and blue are mixed to gorgeous effect here, creating a room that is both airy and soothing. Perfect for eating a meal together on a sunny day.

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Can You Mix Different Shades Of Blue In A Room?

You can mix different shades of blue in a room. The mixture of blues is recommended for design. 

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This gorgeous living room mixes a barely blue wall with a blue sofa, different color blue curtains, a teal blue pouf, and a stair-step of blue bottle decor up the wall. It works super well and draws the eye in cohesively.

A pout like this would be perfect for achieving a similar look in your home. Click here for this on Amazon.

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In this bedroom, a mix of linens, pillows, wall color, artwork, even the flowers by the bed, bring a plethora of blue to the design. It’s soothing and visually exciting and has the kind of appeal that will work for many homeowners.

A soft colored bedding set like this one would be a great starting point for achieving a multi-blue-hued bedroom. Click here for this on Amazon.

You really can’t go wrong with blue walls, dark, light, or anywhere in between. And luckily, there are many ways to work your design to look great with your color choice.

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