What Size Should A Console Table Be – Length, Height, And Depth (Inc. Behind A Sofa)

You've already spent an immeasurable amount of time selecting the perfect furniture for your new home. But you're having some issues selecting the right smaller pieces to properly accent your dwelling. Choosing the best console table can be a little tricky, but it all starts with you being able to answer the question, what size should a console table be?

On average, a console table measures between 24-48 inches long, 26-36 inches tall, and 12-15 inches deep. However, some console tables can even be as long as 7 feet. The size console table that you consider should be based upon several variables. We've listed the things you should consider prior to your purchase below:

  • What is the primary use for the console table you are considering purchasing?
  • Is there a desired style of console table that will be the best choice for the primary use that you want?
  • How large is the room that you are considering placing the console table into?
  • If you are wanting to place the console table behind a sofa, what other things should you be considering?

Now that we know what the variables are before you select the correct size console table, we need to break down the details further. Ahead in this post, we'll elaborate in more detail on the variables important to selecting the right sized console table, as well as addressing other questions you might have along the way. To get the answers to your questions and more, read ahead in this post.

Stylish interior design of living room with wooden retro commode, chair, tropical plant in rattan pot, basket and el

Factors That Will Help You Determine The Proper Size

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Modern console table in empty living room with concrete wall

Every piece of furniture you place inside your home has a specific purpose. From the dining room table, to the sectional sofa, to the nightstand beside your king-sized bed, careful thought and consideration have gone into the selection of each. For the reasons you chose, each one has a specific function.

Your console table is no different. Know its purpose and the limitations of the room, and you'll be better able to select the right dimensions for your new acquisition. Read below to see how we've broken down the variables from above. This guidance will help you decide which console table best suits your needs.

Primary use

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Stylish interior design of living room with wooden retro commode, chair, tropical plant in rattan pot, basket and el

The first thing you should be asking yourself is why you are wanting to add a console table into a room to begin with. With its origins in 17th century France, console tables were meant for narrow rooms as a way to display decor not meant to be hung on walls.

But the uses have certainly changed over the years. While they are still great pieces for your hallways and foyers, console tables have evolved to suit a number of other purposes.


Consoles for displays can range from 24-48 inches long, depending on how much display room you desire. If your primary reason for purchasing a console table is for display in a room or hallway, consider this table that fits neatly against your wall. The standard depth of a console table is between 12 and 15 inches.

It's narrow enough to fit into any passageway and has enough surface room for plants, photos, small antiques, or whatever you'd like to display.

FATORRI Industrial Console Table for Entryway

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Practical Purposes

What if you want your console table to be more than just a medium to display your personal tastes? In the last decade, consumers have been using console tables for more practical purposes. Tables that provide extra storage have been very popular, as have console tables that serve the purpose of holding one's widescreen television.

The size you'd be looking at for storage would of course depend upon how much storage space you require. As most console tables fall between the range of 26-84 inches, the size and the placement of the drawers or lower shelves should be a big consideration.

Yaheetech Industrial Console Table

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If you wish to place a console table inside your home to accommodate your widescreen television set, then you might want to consider a wider model that has plenty of drawer or shelving space. A wide surface area is ideal for your tv, and the storage space (whether drawers or shelves) are perfect for storing BluRay discs or gaming devices.

If you are considering a console for your widescreen television, it should be at least 12 inches longer than the width of the television.

Industrial Sofa Table Behind Couch, 3 Tier Couch Table for Living Room

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Desired style

Once you've determined the purpose your console table will have, it's time to identify the style of table that suits your personality. Are you wanting something that is minimalistic? Consider the C-Hopetree console table.

Narrow Console Table, Small Sofa Table

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If you're wanting a mid-century feel, look into the Safavieh Home console table.

Safavieh Home Albus Mid-Century Modern Antique White

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And if the more modern look is what you're going for, then maybe the Mocot console table would be to your liking.

Console Tables for Living Room

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Room size

The latter two variables aside, room size is everything. If you're wanting a console table in a short hallway, maybe select one that is closer to the 26-inch end of the spectrum to avoid the crowded feeling. But if you are considering a console table along a wall that is more than 12 feet, it would probably be more appropriate to shop tables that are closer to 84 inches.

Accounting for your sofa

Having a console table placed behind your sofa can add great features to your room, especially when you factor in the additional possibilities for lighting and plants. But you'll want to carefully consider the size of any prospective console table before you place it behind your sofa.

The average height for console tables ranges from 26-36 inches. The average sofa height ranges from 18-20 inches. For aesthetic reasons, you'll want to consider a console table that is taller than your sofa by at least 6 inches so that the table can still be a visual attraction in the room, despite being behind a piece of dominant furniture.

Wooden console table and abstract painting behind pink couch in elegant living room interior

How Do You Choose A Console Table?

The furniture store manager demonstrates furniture to the buyers. A guy and a girl are listening with a good mood to the seller.

Like with any other piece of household furniture, you choose a console table based upon your wants and needs. Figure out what you want to accomplish by adding a console table, then decide on the style that you like. No matter what objective or style you're looking for, you'll be able to find one that will fit in almost every size room you can imagine.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Console Table?

Stylish retro scandinavian living room interior with wooden commode, mock up poster frames, chiar, design stool.

Standard sizes of console tables generally fall in between 18 and 32 inches in height, although certain models can be shorter or taller. Be sure to note the specs of any prospective table you view, as well as familiarizing yourself with the dimensions of the room you wish to place it in.

What Do You Store In A Console Table?

Portrait of attentive woman choosing dressing table in furniture store

People store a variety of objects inside console tables. Across the world, decorators advocate for using the shelving and drawers of console tables to store books, antiques, plants, and family heirlooms. What you choose to store in yours will of course depend on why you have the console table, and where you choose to place it.

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Can A Mirror Be Longer Than A Console Table?

Elegant round mirror in wooden frame above fancy console table with flowers in vase

While a mirror can be placed above a console table that is shorter, it's generally best to have your mirror be shorter than the table's length. As with art, your mirror (when hung above a console table), becomes the focal point of the objects along that wall. You'll want the mirror or framed art to be shorter so that it better captures the attention of the eye.

In Closing

We've learned a lot about console tables in this post. Now we know the numerous variables that will determine the dimensions of what console table is right for your room. Likewise, we now understand that the right table also depends on the size of the room, as well as what you will purpose the table for.

The size of the table needs to be a consideration for what you hang on the wall above it, as you don't want the console table itself to dominate the aesthetics of the art that you wish to draw attention to. If you enjoyed reading this post about console tables, we believe you'll find the following posts helpful and informative:

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Modern and stylish concept of wooden console table and framed artwork, What Size Should A Console Table Be - Length, Height, And Depth (Inc. Behind A Sofa)

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