9 11×13 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Are you looking for fresh designs for your 11×13-sized bedroom? Then you can check out these bedroom layouts. We’ve included several fascinating layout ideas that can inspire you to start ASAP.

Small interior of a gray and white trim bedroom with beautiful beddings and hard wooden flooring, 9 Great 11x13 Bedroom Layout Ideas

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Creating The Perfect 11×13 Bedroom Layout

Most bedrooms contain end tables, shelves, and staple furniture. Accessories, accent colors, and other designs add to a bedroom’s uniqueness and beauty. So you must carefully plan the things you want to include and where to place them.

Creating the perfect bedroom may seem hard. But you can achieve it by analyzing your room size, shape, area, and the furniture you want to put in your bedroom.

There are numerous bedroom layouts in books, magazines, and the web. Here are nine great layout ideas you can try on your 11×13 bedroom.

1. White With A Touch Of Gray

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Minimalist industrial inspired bedroom with runway brick accent wall and a huge picture frame above the headboard

Go for this classic neutral layout design. A bedroom with white walls and windows, grey bed covers, and carpet can create a bright and airy space.

For the design, place your bed in the upper center area with a nightstand and drawer on each side.

And you can also add a painting with the same color scheme to have a perfect balance. A wooly gray carpet and a hanging light are great finishing touches to the room.

See this floral print on Amazon here.

2. The Bedroom + Study/Office Area

Minimalist contemporary teen bedroom design with a huge gray wall and matched with gray beddings

This layout is perfect for students or people working at home. Setting up a workstation in your bedroom is like killing two birds with one stone. You can work quietly and sleep afterward.

The perfect location for a work desk is near the window or below the bed. The natural light from the window can increase your energy and productivity.

A nightstand beside the bed and a carpet under the bed are the perfect addition to this layout.

Check this computer desk on Amazon.

3. A Built-In Shelf, A Gorgeous Area Rug, And Some Greenery

Interior of a white minimalist inspired bedroom with gray beddings matched with indoor plants on the bedside

This bedroom layout creates a simple and airy ambiance. You can put a headboard or a built-in shelf behind the bed for additional space-saving storage in your bedroom.

You can place several things, like a lamp, on the built-in shelf.

Then, you can place a stunning area rug under the lower part of the bed to accentuate the area. You can also add a touch of greenery for a relaxed and refreshing effect.

See this extra fluffy rug on Amazon.

4. Bed Between Two Attic Skylights

Interior of a mansard inspired bedroom with laminated flooring, white beddings and small wooden furnitures

This bedroom layout takes place in the attic. Attics don’t receive much natural light, but you can build skylights or roof lights to receive sunshine in your attic bedroom.

When buying a skylight, choose one with sensors to help you when it’s hot or about to rain.

It’s a great idea to place your bed between the two skylights. You can either go stargazing at night or bask in the warm sunshine in the morning.

You can also put other furniture like a chair where you can sit and relax under the skylight.

See this saucer chair on Amazon here.

5. For The Minimalist

Bohemian inspired bedroom with laminated floroing and a patterned rug underneath

You can apply the less is more philosophy in this design. The minimalist layout tones everything down to simplicity. You can place your favorite essentials and opt for space-saving storage.

The materials you can usually see in this bedroom are the most important ones.

You can see the harmony between the bed, the end tables, and the area rug. Adding to the beauty of the bedroom is a painting and a pair of hanging lights.

See this round table on Amazon here.

6. Bed Beside A Window + Window Ledge + A Study Space

A small apartment bedroom painted in white matched with gray bedding and furnitures

This layout is perfect for a second-floor bedroom, where the sunlight doesn’t directly shine on your face. A bed beside the window emits a casual and relaxed charm.

The windowsill also plays a big part in this design. You can put some basic stuff there, such as a table lamp, books, and a plant.

The room also has a study or workspace where you can do your homework or business.

And let’s not forget the area carpet, a footstool/ottoman where you can relax your feet, and a small drawer to put your other belongings. You can also put some paintings or picture frames as additional designs.

See this footstool on Amazon here.

7. Symmetrical Style Bedroom

Small interior of a gray and white trim bedroom with beautiful beddings and hard wooden flooring

A symmetrical-style bedroom layout screams balance and proportion. Symmetry in a bedroom has equal furniture and materials on both sides.

The above photos show the harmony and balance of the side tables, lamps, bed, and carpet. A symmetrical-style bedroom produces peace, rest, and relaxation on the owner’s part.

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8. Side Tables Plus Lamps And Hanging Lights

Small dangling lamps inside a small gray inspired bedroom equipped with a radiator heater on the side

Many soft lights and lamps can sometimes emit a soothing and relaxing feeling. This layout balances the two side tables, lamps, and hanging pendant lights.

Adding to the warm effect are the light colors of the walls and floor. You can also place an area rug to enhance the beauty of the bedroom further.

See this retro-style pendant light on Amazon.

9. A Touch Of Green With A Built-In Wardrobe And Ottoman Bench

Ornamental jade modern themed bedroom with a tray ceiling and sliding mirror closet

It’s a great and practical idea to have space-saving storage for a standard room to maximize the space. So, having a built-in dresser can save you from a bulky wardrobe that takes up space.

In this layout, you can see several pieces of furniture that go well together. You can see side tables with lamps and an ottoman bench where you can relax your feet.

Adding to the glamorous effect is the use of an accent color in a monochromatic room. The touch of green here and there enhanced the overall beauty of the bedroom.

See these green velvet curtains on Amazon.

Different Pieces Of Furniture For A 11×13 Bedroom

Are you looking for something else to put inside your 11×13 square foot bedroom? You can check out these five furniture suggestions after choosing your layout.

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Click here to see this furniture on Amazon.

The Zinus Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed is easy to assemble. Each box contains a headboard, foundation, and wood slats.

Key Features:

  • Good looks and a confident style
  • No box spring needed
  • It has a durable design

Furinno Simplistic Set of 2 End Tables

Click here to see this furniture on Amazon.

These Furinno End Tables are Amazon’s Choice. It’s easy, has no hassle, and no tools are needed when assembling.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy on a flat surface
  • Made from CARB-compliant engineered wood and PVC tubes
  • Manufactured with rounded corner for added security

WLIVE TV Stand With Fabric Drawers

Click here to see this furniture on Amazon.

The WLIVE TV stand is also an Amazon’s Choice. It has four adjustable feet for a scratch-free floor. It’s easy to build and has easy-to-pull handles.

Key Features:

  • Roomy storage space
  • Multifunction drawer organizer
  • Sturdy and durable

SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

See this storage ottoman on Amazon.

The Songmics Ottoman Bench’s frame is made from quality MDF, ensuring strength and durability. You can use it as a bed end bench, shoe bench, or footrest.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable seats and deformation-resistant
  • Oodles of storage
  • It folds flat in an instant

Briful Artificial Potted Succulents

See these faux succulents on Amazon.

These Briful Artificial Potted Succulents are simple and elegant and don’t contain any harmful material. These succulents are versatile decor that is always green and doesn’t wilt.

Key Features:

  • Lifelike artificial succulents in white ceramic pots
  • No maintenance, which makes it a perfect gift
  • High-quality glass pot

Accomplishing Your Chosen Bedroom Layout

After going through the nine stunning 11×13 bedroom layouts, have you chosen which one is perfect for your taste? Are you going for symmetry, minimalism, or perhaps the one with the work area?

Whatever you choose, check the room’s shape, the windows’ placement, etc., first.

Designing your bedroom is fun, especially when you love what you choose. Remember to choose comfort and relaxation over everything else.

Your bedroom is your comfort zone, so ensure that you can reward yourself with that after a hard day of work.

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