9 12×15 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Figuring out the best way to organize furniture in a space can be tricky.

cozy Scandinavian bedroom interior design, 9 Great 12x15 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Do you have a 12x15 square foot bedroom you're working with and don't know how to arrange your decor and furnishings? What is the best way to space everything out in a bedroom this size?

Utilizing every inch of space is the key to making your bedroom amazing. Whether you have a queen-sized mattress, a king, or even something smaller, there are endless ways to make your design look great.

That said, let's dive headfirst into our top nine ideas for a 12x15-square-foot bedroom below!

1. Simple And Modern

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White master bedroom with armchair

First, we have a minimalistic bedroom idea for a 12x15-foot space. Even though this bedroom design leans toward a simple aesthetic, it looks clean and comfortable.

Notably, the chair in the corner helps create a cozier feeling while also making for the perfect morning coffee spot. Positioning a TV near your bed is another way to use your square footage to your best advantage.

Here, you can see how this design chose a television stand with a slender design, so it doesn't overpower this bedroom. The matching night tables on either side of the bed are also a nice touch.

2. Deep, Dramatic Colors

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Queen Size Bed with mirror on side of the bed with floormat

Next, we have the perfect bedroom design for someone who wants their space to feel dark and intimate. Even in a 12x15 layout, this design works nicely to keep things minimal and functional.

You can see how the design went with a larger bed in this bedroom. Considering your bedroom is where you sleep, you might want to opt for a larger, more luxurious bed and frame instead of other furnishings.

Another standout feature in this space is the large art beside the bed. Although it is sitting on the floor directly, you can still appreciate it. However, we recommend hanging your artwork above the bed or across, as this protects it better from everyday wear and tear.

Blue Fantasy Colorful Graffiti Art Canvas

This abstract art canvas is perfect for the bedroom, has a modern look, measures 48x32 inches, is high quality, comes with express shipping, and comes in a few different designs/colors.

View this modern art piece on Amazon.

3. Greys, Browns, And Whites

modern style master bedroom interior design with full of bulbs attached on the ceiling and gray bag on the floor

Third, we have this muted 12x15 bedroom design that is perfect for anyone who prefers a neutral, tranquil space to sleep in. Typically, brown, grey, and white are complementary colors, making them the ideal palette for your bedroom.

Even though this layout is a bit smaller, you can see how this designer chose a bigger bed and created a "hangout" area to the left. Sometimes, all you need is a comfy ottoman in your room, so you don't always have to splurge on an accent chair.

Additionally, it can be helpful to add a large rug to a 12x15 space, as this helps add some dimension.

4. Warm And Ambient Aesthetic

Modern Style Bedroom with a tv on a table cabinet infront of the bed

We have this super cozy and ambient 12x15 bedroom design coming in at four. Like many of these rooms, you can see how this design went with a larger bed and frame and added additional storage with the side tables and TV stand.

Usually, you want to create as much warm lighting in a bedroom as possible. Unlike other areas in a house, your bedroom should feel intimate and cozy.

Therefore, we recommend finding light fixtures/bulbs with warmer lights rather than bright LEDs or cool-tone options. Gold lamps can also add to a warm color palette, so that's something to consider.

Decorative Gold Floor Lamp

This decorative floor lamp has warm lighting, a farmhouse design, features three lights, is dimmable from 5%-100%, is 68 inches tall, and won't flicker.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

5. Tan And Desert-Inspired

Modern interior of bedroom with colored wall and a big pot with a plant on it

Switching gears, we have this tan, desert-inspired 12x15 bedroom design that could be out of a magazine. In general, the soft, neutral aesthetic does well in the bedroom and can feel very tranquil.

Here, the different shades of tan and white/beige make this bedroom feel modern but not to the point this space becomes cold or unwelcoming.

Even though this bedroom is smaller, we love the additional clothing storage the designer added in and the large potted tree in the corner. Remember, adding plants to your room can improve air quality and sleep, and who doesn't like that?

6. Massive Bed

Golden brown blanket and pillow on a gorgeous modern bed

This idea is for those of you who want a huge bed in your 12x15-square-foot space. As we mentioned, your bedroom is where you sleep, so having an almost regal bed makes sense.

Here, you can see how this vast bed and frame take up most of this room. So, if you want to do something similar at home, be aware that you can't usually have it all.

However, towards the foot of this bed, you could add in some extra storage or even a TV and stand, so that's not to say your entire bedroom needs to be a bed.

You can also try wall shelving in a room without floor space, so don't give up.

7. Bright And Natural-Feeling

elegant bedroom interiors with double bed, side cabinet and mirror on side

Next, we have a bright and woodsy 12x15 square foot bedroom that is gorgeous. This space does a fantastic job of incorporating other aspects, like art, decor, storage, and seating.

Specifically, the dresser fits the room nicely and helps get your clothes and belongings off the floor. In addition, having the seating area diagonal from the bed is a great idea for putting on your shoes or reading a book.

Your bedroom should be a space where you can unwind and feel comfortable. Whether that means a small coffee table and chair or a lounger, you want to make your room feel like it's 100% yours.

Sauder Cannery Bridge Dresser

This dresser has a Sindoori Mango finish, is engineered wood, is safety-tested so it shouldn't tip over, features six large drawers, measures 17.56"D x 56.22"W x 31.88"H, and also comes in a nightstand bundle.

Check out this dresser on Amazon here.

8. Elegant And Sophisticated

Elegant Bedroom Interior With Double Bed, Night Tables, Armchair And Seaview Through Window

Coming in at number eight, we have this jaw-dropping 12x15 bedroom that is fit for the finest hotel. Like some of our other ideas, this space uses more somber hues with ambient lighting.

The almost grey and black wood flooring stands out here and gives this bedroom a much larger look. Sometimes, skipping carpet or an area rug can help give your space a larger feeling, so we think it's a good idea.

Again, this space also offers a place to sit, which can make your bedroom feel more comfortable.

Sometimes it's nice to wake up and sit in your room before venturing to other spaces, so a comfortable accent chair can be beneficial.

Lohoms Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair

This mid-century accent chair is made of fabric with light wood legs, is durable, promises to be super comfortable, is easy to assemble, and measures 30"D x 29"W x 33"H.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

9. Bright, Sandy Hues

a bedroom interiors with minimal furniture

Last on our list is this super bright and modern 12x15 bedroom design. The designer used sandier shades, which gives this room a cozy feeling.

Typically, cream/tan decor has a warmer undertone, which is helpful in the bedroom. Like warm ambient light, your bedding and accessories can also achieve a similar aesthetic.

The large modern wall art is another great example of using simple details to make a huge difference. If you have high ceilings or expansive walls, you want to try filling them with a bit of color.

What Is The Best Way To Decorate A Smaller Bedroom?

If you have a smaller bedroom, it's essential to utilize every square inch of space. These ideas show how small rooms work for dressers, bedside tables, and even TV stands.

In addition, using wall shelving can be beneficial for bedrooms lacking floor space, all without making your design feel cramped.

Generally, the cleaner and more organized a small bedroom, the better it will look. You also want to consider the size of your bed.

Sometimes, having a massive bed and frame can feel great, but it won't allow for much other furniture or decor. So, you might want to compromise for a queen or even a full-sized bed if you have a desk or a seating area.

What Size Bed For A 12x15 Bedroom?

Considering that many experts recommend having at least 14x19 feet for a king bed, we think a queen is best for a 12x15 space. Especially if you want night tables, a dresser, or seating, your bed shouldn't overpower your bedroom.

Therefore, any bed smaller than a king will be fine. Suppose you're single and want to have a desk in your bedroom for working. In that case, we recommend a full-sized bed, allowing for more floor space.

Again, this all comes down to your preferences and needs, so everyone is different.

To Wrap Up

Whether you want to redo your bedroom or need ideas for a new space, it's always good to understand the square footage. We found plenty of ideas for a 12x15 bedroom, including extra seating, storage space, and oversized artwork.

The key to designing a smaller bedroom is utilizing your floor space. Ideally, you will choose a bed that doesn't take up the entire room but instead one that is comfortable but also practical.

You also might want to consider wall shelving or other furniture with drawers/storage, so don't be afraid to get creative while shopping around.

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