What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

Decorating your bedroom can be a challenging prospect. The room should reflect your personality and match the style of the rest of the house. Creating a room that's chic and special to you starts with the bed since it's a focal point and, well, the whole point of the space.

Creating the bed of your dreams typically starts with picking a frame, mattress, and then sheets. Since people see the sheets first, you'll want them to be the piece that makes your personality shine through the most.

The design and color of your bedsheets should be chosen based on:

  • The style of the rest of the room
  • Ability to complement the frame
  • Personal preference

Finding the perfect bed sheets for your room can be a process. You might even need to pick several sets for different seasons. We've broken down the things you should consider while browsing to make your shopping more fun than stressful.

Bedroom with comfortable bed in neutral colors, What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

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Why Style Matters

Since you don't want your sheets to look completely out of place in the room, decor style has to be a consideration when picking a set. If you're designing a country cottage home, for example, blue or red gingham will complement the style perfectly.

Classic bedrooms look best with solid colored, cotton sheets at the center, while contemporary designs offer some room for experimentation with color and texture. Silky grey sheets, for example, might be perfectly suited to your modern space.


Rustic homes are always inspired by nature, and you can incorporate this theme using material or color. Woven cream blankets or sage-green cotton would both look right at home, for example.

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Complementing the Bed Frame

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King-size bed in between lamps in a modern bedroom

Sheets are one part of your bed as a whole. To make sure the focal point has a harmonious look to it, you'll want the sheets to match the bed frame.

There are no hard and fast rules for making this happen, but keep in mind that dark color wood paired with lighter colors makes for a pleasing aesthetic. Jewel tones compliment light wood frames, and bold colors pop against metal. Feel free to experiment until you find the combination that pleases you the best.

Making it Personal

Patterns are a great way to incorporate your personality into bed sheet design. Stripes, of course, are a classic. Animal prints show a wild side and work well in contemporary bedrooms. A subtle floral pattern shows off a taste for daintiness, while large flowers can project a bolder personality.

Go with whatever pattern you're drawn to; there are no wrong answers. Just make sure to consider the design of the room while picking.

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Seasonal Considerations

Tropical themed bedroom with house plants

If you live in a region that experiences both summer and winter, chances are you'll need at least two sets of sheets. Warm weather typically calls for light, cotton blends. If you want to match the design to the time of year, floral patterns and shades of green perfectly match the themes of renewal associated with spring and summer.

Autumn and winter nights can be harshly cold. As such, you may want to add a duvet to your bed. Duvet covers come in many different colors, and you can choose a couple of different ones to get you through the seasons. Thick flannel or wool throws also help keep you toasty during this time of year. For a touch of holiday fun, look for red sheets to evoke autumn leaves and Christmas or a warm brown that'll call to mind images of the harvest.

Color Theory

If you're still having trouble deciding what color sheets to use, consider taking color theory into account. The theory helps people understand which colors compliment each other best, as well as the effect certain shades can have on a person's mood.

Complementary Colors

The color wheel is a nice visual aid that shows which colors pair best together. If you're looking to intrigue the eye with your sheet set, remember these color combinations:

  • Red and green
  • Blue and orange
  • Purple and yellow

Of course, hue matters, too. Mixing jewel tones and pastels can be successful or it can throw the whole color palette off. Complementary colors provide a good jumping-off point, though. Feel free to experiment to find the color combo that you enjoy the most.

Color Symbols and Moods

You can also use color symbolism to guide what color sheets you use.


Red is a bold, powerful color. It's often associated with passion and anger. As such, it's viewed as an agitator and might be best used as an accent color in the bedroom rather than the spotlight.


Yellow is thought to inspire creativity. Connotations of happiness and optimism make it a nice choice for your bedding.


Associated as it is with nature, green is a popular color to design with. It's also very versatile, as it can be mixed with yellow and blue to create dramatically different hues.


Since it's a polarizing color, a little orange goes a long way. Though associated with vitality and health, this color's ability to present as aesthetically pleasing depends largely on which shade you choose to work with.


Purple is most associated with royalty and mysticism. Darker shades bring a gravitas that works well in bedroom design.


Certainly, a popular color to use in bedrooms, blue is thought to bring about serenity. It also pairs well with many other colors, which is useful since it can easily be overused in decor.

What Color is The Best For Hiding Stains?

Cleanliness can also factor into sheet choice, especially if you're picking out a set for a guest room. Ultimately, though, if you want to choose your bedding based on hiding stains or what's easiest to clean, it depends a lot on what kind of stain you're most worried about.

People with pets and children, for example, would be most concerned with dirt or urine stains. While blood stains can plague anyone with a wound, women are going to be a little more conscientious of the possibility. And, of course, sweat stains can happen to any sleeper.

For Dirt and Urine

Warm brown bed with chocolate brown pillows

A warm brown is a perfect hue to hide dirt and urine stains. If you get a hypoallergenic blend for your bedding, it has the added bonus of working against pet dander.

For Blood

Dark themed bedroom with hardwood floors, black walls, bed and pillows

If you're worried about blood stains, black is the perfect color for your bed sheets. Unfortunately, people with pets will want to avoid this color because shed hair tends to stand out against the deep shade.

Are Black Sheets Hotter Than White?

Another thing to keep in mind about black is that it absorbs and holds heat from the sun. Your sheets might be incrementally warmer every night if you pick black bedding over white.

What is the Best Color Sheets For Hiding Sweat Stains

Navy blue bedroom with blue pillows and framed wall art decor

Navy blue offers something a little more compelling to look at than black, but masks dark stains just as well. If you're worried about sweating through the night, picking out some dark blue bedding just might be the perfect solution. As an extra tip, go with lightweight cotton to help alleviate the mid-night overheating.

Why Do Hotels Use White Bed Sheets?

White themed hotel bedroom

You'll also want to keep in mind that white sheets are easy to clean, even if darker stains stand out against the color. This is because you can use bleach to clean away any kind of a mess, making the sheets look like new again and again. It's for this reason that hotels most frequently use white sheets.

Do White Sheets Help You Sleep Better?

Due to the fact that so many hotels use white sheets in their rooms, some people assume white sheets help you sleep better. Strangely enough, this can be the case, but only if you believe it to be true. Anything associated with good rest and relaxation in the bedroom can improve your night's sleep. Therefore, white sheets offer a potential placebo effect.

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