9 12×14 Bedroom Layout Ideas

A small bedroom interior with white painted walls, white beddings matched with patterned pillows and wooden flooring, 9 Great 12x14 Bedroom Layout Ideas

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Are you stumped on the best bedroom layout for your 12×14 room and have no idea where to start? 

Knowing how to position your furnishings for the most comfortable and functional bedroom is important.

However, it can also be tricky!

Look no further! We have thoroughly researched some amazing ideas for you. We have 9 fantastic 12×14 bedroom layout ideas to get your inspirational juices flowing. Without further ado, here is our list.

1. Uniform And Neutral

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A small bedroom interior with white painted walls, white beddings matched with patterned pillows and wooden flooring

Picture this layout. You walk into your bedroom and see the bed placed directly in the center of the wall.

Next to your bed are two small nightstands on either side. Everything is uniform and balanced.

Here’s the room! This layout is a great way to utilize your space without it feeling cluttered. Everything is kept simple and clean which is perfect for a 12×14 bedroom space.

In terms of style, we are fond of neutral walls, bedding, and artwork. The hats on the wall add a cute but simple flare.

The geometric-shaped pillows bring in some shapes and patterns. This orderly bedroom makes our list of top layouts.

2. Light And Airy Boho

White themed bedroom with white beddings and white curtains matched with plants on the corners

We love the boho vibes in this bedroom! We can’t get enough of the casually low bed and the light, airy feel of their decor. It’s essential for curling up with a book on a rainy day.

The best layout for this bedroom is to have the bed placed to the left of the window. There is plenty of storage for books and bobbles inside the nightstand. 

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3. Dramatic And Calming Green

Narrow bedroom painted in a green tone matched with green curtains

A dramatic and calming green bedroom is the perfect way to show off your favorite shade.

The dark green walls ground the space, while the curtains add a dramatic effect. The floor-to-ceiling curtains serve as a wall between the bedroom and the eating area, which is great for privacy.

To keep things minimal, only one nightstand is positioned to the left of the bed. The wall sconces are another great way to replicate the calming and moody feel throughout the room.

We love how different wood tones are used throughout this room to create interest and draw the eye around to each piece of furniture. This green bedroom proves that a wall of green can also be calming, dramatic, and minimal.

4. Off-Center And Contemporary

Mint green painted walls inside a bedroom with carpeted flooring and a king sized with brown beddings

Just because your bed is in the center of your room doesn’t mean it has to be on the same plane as everything else.

By pushing your bed against a wall and adding accent tables, you’ll still have an organized space that adds unique style.

The slight difference in placing the bed off-center opens up your room visually, giving the space a more open feel for those who enter. This gives the visual impression of more space than there actually is!

5. Mid-Century Modern And Functional

Minimalist inspired bedroom themed in gray and blue furniture's and curtains

We love this layout. It’s clean, modern, and functional for students or just about anyone!

The bed is slightly off-kilter between two matching nightstands. Extra space on the right side of the bed frees up space for a small desk, which is ideal for someone who loves to stay organized. 

If you’re a fan of modern style and architecture, this bedroom is for you! It’s an eclectic mid-century design with clean lines, lots of color, and unique touches that make it stand out.

The yellow lamps give off a playful vibe. And the patterned wallpaper is modern yet warm at the same time. We love how this layout combines functionality, nostalgia, and fun!

6. Ultra-Modern And Natural Light

Interior of a white inspired bedroom with carpeted flooring matched with white beddings and dark green colored pillows

Ultra-modern is defined as an extremely modern style. Think minimal but even less! Take the artwork for example.

A completely blank white canvas is used as wall art. The white walls, white trim, and white bedding further this ultra-modern feel.

Notice that there is no hidden storage available on the side tables. Clutter is not an option in this room! Furthermore, we adore the natural lighting in this bedroom. No window treatments are used here. 

7. Textured And Down To Earth

Contemporary inspired bedroom themed in green and tones of brown

This room is full of natural tones, from the dark brown walls to the light brown accents on the furniture and bedding.

The neutral bedding and unique lamp help keep things cozy, while green plants add warmth and coziness to any room! bedroom.

A number of interesting features make this space unique, including the pottery, hanging lamp, and large plants on either side of the dresser.

The bed is placed in the center of the room, with two nightstands to hold lamps and books. The spacious dresser provides extra storage for clothes or books, and it comes with drawers so you can keep them tucked away neatly until you need them.

8. Traditional And Simplistic

Bedroom with carpeted flooring, white painted walls, and a king sized bed with comfortable beddings

The classic style of this bedroom design is a perfectly simple place to get a great night’s sleep. The large, wooden bedframe fits well in the center of the room next to a single nightstand. This is simple at its finest.

Also notable are the light-colored curtains and window treatments that create a soft atmosphere within the room.

Everything in this space is light and bright, with just the right amount of personality to make it feel like home.

9. Dark And Moody

Gray inspired bedroom with gray beddings, gray dangling lamps and a huge gray headboard

This dark and moody bedroom is elegant but may be overpowering for some. The bed is front and center with a few simple touches.

By lining the far wall with windows, it makes the room feel larger and allows natural light to stream in. The rug is positioned away from the bed, creating a separate space between the bed and the rest of the room.

Sometimes, you want to make a statement in your bedroom. Take this room and pair it with a dramatic accent wall. The rest of the room remains simple, allowing the bed to be front and center, where you’ll spend most of your time.

Wrapping It Up

That is a wrap for our 9 wonderful layout ideas for a 12×14 bedroom. As you can see, there are many ways to arrange a room and many different styles available.

Ultimately, there are some general guidelines you should follow, like don’t cover a window with your bed or don’t have an overabundance of clutter.

However, as long as you are happy and comfortable, that is all that matters. We hope you have found inspiration for your next project.

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9 12×14 Bedroom Layout Ideas
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